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The Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS) promotes the economic growth and development of Virginia agriculture, encourages environmental stewardship, and provides consumer protection. VDACS is responsible for approximately 60 state laws and 70 regulations and includes the Division of Animal and Food Industry Services, Division of Charitable Gaming, Division of Consumer Protection, and the Division of Marketing. For more information, click on the VDACS logo to go to their website.

The Department of Forestry (DOF) is responsible for the protection of 15.8 million acres of forest land from fire, insects, and disease; management of forests and other state lands; and public assistance through professional forestry advice and technical management programs. Forestland provides 60 percent of the land cover in the Commonwealth. For more information, click on the DOF logo to go to their website.

The Virginia Racing Commission (VRC) is responsible for the oversight and ensuring the safety and health of Virginia’s horse racing industry, as well as monitoring pari-mutuel wagering in the Commonwealth.